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Staff Applications || Format & Information Empty Staff Applications || Format & Information

Post by Lance Wilson on Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:06 pm

Staff Application Format
[b]State all your characters:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE [/i]
[b]State your in game level and real age:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Are you familiar with the server's script?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Were you in the old version of the server or are you a new member?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]                                                              

[b]Why would you like to join the Staff Team:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]

[b]Pretend you get accepted, would it benefit our server?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b](If yes, in which way?):[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]

[b]Why should we hire you, are you worth of such a position?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]

[b]Any additional information?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i][/center]
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