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Post by Lance Wilson on Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:10 pm

Racism will NOT be tolerated neither in game nor on forums. The punishment depends on the person, it might even cause you a permanent ban.
You are allowed to bump your topics, but only after a day. For example, if you bumped it today, then you are ONLY allowed to redo it the day after.
Being disrespectful towards a member or even worse to a staff member is NOT allowed, make sure your attitude is acceptable. Doesn't matter a member's rank, sex, race or age is, you MUST respect everyone.
Do NOT create an alternative forum account if your main one has been banned. Ban evading on forums is NOT acceptable, for an exchange you will get your IP banned.
Lying in refund requests/ban appeals or anywhere else is NOT allowed, even in Out of Character topics/threads.
Please do us all a favour and do not use huge fonts which are hard to read or even colours that might damage someone's vision. For example, when someone wants to read a thread you might have replied a small message with a huge font and he/she has to scroll all the way through to check the rest of the responses.
Obviously since these are forums of one server, you are NOT allowed to share other servers' websites or IP addresses, because it will be considered as server advertising(SA) and you will get permanently banned.
Make sure to read all the stickies and announcements before you post anything, they are the most important topics/threads in the forums, especially announcements.
Please speak only English, with one exception which is the Non-English section, that's the only section you are allowed not to speak English.
Signatures sometimes might harm the community and the staff team. Please do NOT include any player or staff member in your signatures. The result of that might not be the most preferable one for you.
Make your topic's subject as most detailed as you can. Having a descriptive title might give you even more views and interesting replies.
Do NOT post anything illegal here, like torrent links or pornography. Those two are pretty dangerous and especially pornography, not all of us are eighteen years old.
If you create a topic, roster or anything regarding a faction you may not remove it. If you do, you might get punished for that. Since you created it for that faction then it belongs to it.
Avoid posting as a reply or creating threads with includes links who ''will'' give you free items. The reason of that is because the link might have in it's possession a virus which might harm a personal computer.
Signatures and Avatars should be legal and appropriate. Avoiding this rule, will get yourself punished. The punishment will be the removal of your avatar/signature and a warning.
Please do NOT bump topics which have been posted a long time ago, unless they are still in progress.
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