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Post by Lance Wilson on Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:00 pm

Suggestion || Format & Information
Please read the rules before posting a suggestion(s), the following rules are made to keep this section organised and not to get someone punished.
So make sure you follow the simple rules stated below, if you ignore any of the rules stated below your topic will be locked and archived.

Do not post the same suggestion if someone else has suggested it, this is created to avoid useless spam.
Avoid making more than one suggestion in one topic, if you have any other suggestions just make another topic for each one of them, this rule has been made to avoid useless discussions about many suggestions because it gets confusing when it's all in the same topic.
Do not post any code / script, your code won't be used by any means since our scripter wants to keep the gamemode original and add unique features to it.
If you fail to use the format your suggestion would be locked and archived.
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