Ban Appeal || Format & Information[READ]

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Ban Appeal || Format & Information[READ] Empty Ban Appeal || Format & Information[READ]

Post by Lance Wilson on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:51 pm

If you have been PERMANENTLY banned from the server, then feel free to post a ban appeal right here, by copying the code/format below. Make sure you fill up the format with honest replies and without any insults which might give you a disadvantage.
[Admin who banned you] IG Name - Ban Reason
[b]State all your character names:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Why have you been banned?(The reason only):[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Explain in details what happened, if you remember.[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Who banned you and what is his/her rank?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Any witnesses, which might prove your innocence?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Do you have to add anything else?:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
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