Refund Request || Format & Information[READ]

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Refund Request || Format & Information[READ] Empty Refund Request || Format & Information[READ]

Post by Lance Wilson on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:47 pm

Did you lose any items that you had in your possession? - Then you are in the right place to report it in public and see if we can help you out. In order to make our and your job easier about this and faster, you should provide us a few evidence about what you have lost. If it's valid or invalid we will let you know. Hopefully you are going to understand that sometimes your proof might not be valid and no arguments will be started, thank you!

[b]State all your character names:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Which items did you lose?(Mention only the items, nothing else):[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]If you can, go in details about the loss of your items:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Date & Time of the loss:[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Post a screenshot(One of owning the items and one of losing them)[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
[b]Any additional information?(You may mention witnesses):[/b] [i]ANSWER HERE[/i]
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