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Faction Leadership Format Empty Faction Leadership Format

Post by Lance Wilson on Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:41 pm

[b]State all your characters:[/b] [i][ANSWER HERE] [/i]
[b]State your in game level and real age:[/b] [i][ANSWER HERE][/i]
[b]Are you familiar with the server's script?: [/b][i][ANSWER HERE][/i]
[b]Were you in the old version of the server or are you a new member?:[/b][i] [ANSWER HERE][/i]
[b]What faction you applying to lead?[/b][i][ANSWER HERE][/i]
[b]Why do you like to lead faction?[/b][i][ANSWER HERE][/i]
[b]Country , Time zone?[/b][i][ANSWER HERE][/i]
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